Here at Dhatim Engineering, we’re developing a software platform to help organizations to better understand their spendings, to identify savings opportunities and to automate the actions that perform thoses savings. We are developing a full-stack platform by mixing a number of well-known technologies (SQL database, OCR, Containerization, …) with the latest science progress such as natural language processing, machine learning or encryption.

Innovation, Quality, Automation and Productivity are the core values of our team and are the core topics of this space. First of all, we have a strong culture of innovation but innovation too often means patents, close source, royalties and lawyers. We believe that by giving back to the community some of our innovations, we will enable people in other industries or domains to improve their work, and therefore improve our work from their contribution. Next, we constantly monitor the quality of our deliverables and the details on our leading software factory will be disclosed and discuss extensively in this blog. Finally, because we are lazy, we prefer the machine to do the work than us… so we learn the machines how to continuously improve the quality or our work and of our service.

At Dhatim Engineering, we care a lot about Freedom. This blog is a space of freedom of expression for the members of Dhatim R&D Team where anyone can give its opinion and view on technology, components or architectural trends. As a consequence (Dislaimer), the views or opinions expressed by the authors are solely their own and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of Dhatim.