Machine Learning for data services optimization

Telecom Operators provide data services like private chat or email synchronization to users. They are charged for using the services but also Telecom Operators are charged by service providers. The cost of a service is in between 0.2€ and 6€ per month per device. However, some users don’t use the services they have subscribed for. If a system could detect these people, the services could be deactivated and the Operator would not be charged anymore. In this post we propose a system based on machine learning which deactivate users on real time and make better decision iteratively.

PostgreSQL tips and tricks: performance

By definition, it is impossible to finely tune all complex ad hoc queries generated at runtime: you will have to rely more on the query optimizer to make your query fast than you do with carefully handcrafted queries.

Connect a dropwizard application to elasticsearch the right way

Here at Dhatim, we use the elastic stack to gather and analyze our production logs. We also started to use Dropwizard, and the dropwizard people developed a wonderful metrics library, so naturally we want to grab those metrics and send them to our elasticsearch+kibana setup.

PostgreSQL tips and tricks: Java 8

If you have not yet upgraded to Java 8, you are missing out nice features such as streams and enhanced date and time support.

Java 8’s java.time package (JSR-310) is a great improvement to the previous date and time API. For example, java.time.LocalDate is a sane replacement of java.sql.Date when all you want is actually a date, not a timestamp subject to timezone conversion issues.

PostgreSQL tips and tricks: foreign keys

Are you using PostgreSQL in production? Have you ever experienced unexpected behaviors? At Dhatim, we are pushing PostgreSQL to the limit and we had to solve some difficult issues the hard way. (Just kidding: PostgreSQL’s limits are yet to be discovered!)